Laura Palmer and Dale Cooper Painting – 2 Portraits 70x70cm

My first portraits! I was always fascinated by Twin Peaks, by the universe of David Lynch. When I saw this beautiful picture of Laura Palmer wrapped in plastic for the first time I found it very beautiful. How can death (here I mean a picture of a death person) be so nice? So beautiful, so complete? I could look at this picture for hours.

So I decided to paint my first portraits, I took the decision to actually paint two portraits at once. Simultaneously. This means I only painted a few minutes on one canvas, following by moving to the other canvas. After painting half of an eye of Cooper, I did the same at Laura´s Painting. So this two portraits has been started together and finished together, actually it’s one painting on two canvas. For me, this two pictures have a strong connection, one main similarity followed by a lot of differences. Did I try to to paint the connection between Laura and Cooper? What do you think is their connection?